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I would like the following guide you to establish effective 1 error topic. The first error would clearly help admin easy to handle and you do not have to wait too long. 1 Title: - Require compulsory terms must be clear and avoid teen or abbreviated language too confusing.
• Do establish title as admin to quickly ... etc..
- Subject to generalize article content:
For example, error takes the item, topic please provide the code chest and so forth ... 2 Contents topic: - Must be consistent with the title of the topic, the term used should be clear.
- Articles should be clearly stated, specific things you want to admin support. 3 The other note: + For the topic map error loss:
You must specify the map you lose cer***n amount of time, take nothing and use any pb lost.
+ For the topic please chests p***word:
You must provide the name attached nick nick registration numbers and codes to remember clearly need to get the okay chest or chest.
+ For version error topic:
You must specify the name and version, what are the specific errors that you encounter. For example: the error in top up dollar
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v40000 like this


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Trích dẫn bài viết của v40000
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